Arriving In Style with CITY HIRE CARS

The festive season is approaching and we are all trying to finish important projects as well as attend important events. Some are also planning an annual holiday, where rest and relaxation will take centre stage.

The festive season is about family and friends, it also about reflecting over the past year and planning for 2017.

The events we are all attending normally mean overindulging with both Food and Drink, whilst we all plan to be safe and enjoy the festivities it is important to plan our transport.

Have you considered using a Private Hire Car Service to arrive and depart from your events?

Private chauffeured cars are regulated in Victoria with accredited drivers and the necessary insurance to provide confidence to passengers. One of Melbourne’s most prestigious Companies is CITY HIRE CARS.

City Hire Cars provides personalised point to point travel for all Melbourne travellers. This service is very competitive, slightly higher than a standard Taxi but usually lower than Uber’s service when Uber is price surging. Uber’s price surging usually occurs during the busy periods when one is looking to travel.

City Hire Cars does not support price surge, we provide uniform pricing. Passengers are provided with the price before they take the journey, this way no surprises will occur.

As we all attend our festive celebrations why not attend in style and use City Hire Cars for all your transport needs.

CITY HIRE CARS: Phone: 1300 CITY HIRE CAR (1300 248 944) or contact by email