Driver Terms and Conditions

Commencing driving with CHC even for one shift is acknowledgement of the following CHC driver conditions and the more detailed hard copy conditions details as per CHC driver agreement, regardless of a signed contract or otherwise.

“CHC” and “City Hire Cars” means City Hire Cars Pty Ltd

“Driver” is the person in charge of the vehicle provided by CHC which is also the subcontractor as described. The words driver and subcontractor are the same and are interchangeable.

“Subcontractor” is business acting on behalf of CHC in the provision of Hire Car services, and may include another service provider.

Notice period means four (4) weeks.


For this contract, you are an independent contractor and not an employee or agent of CHC.

You acknowledge and agree that goodwill does not attach to or arise out of this subcontract or your performance of the Services and CHC has not given you any guarantee or warranty as to your earning capacity, the minimum amount of Services to be provided by you or the minimum level of revenue you may earn under this subcontract.

Driver acknowledges and confirms subcontractor status by thoroughly reading and understanding all the points in the “subcontractor status confirmation” as per the hard copy contract.


The contract rate between CHC and driver is as directed by CHC.


Price and Cost of Subcontracted work that CHC provides to Subcontractor is 100% at the discretion of CHC and will not be subjected to scrutiny by Subcontractor. The Price that CHC sets is FINAL and bears no correspondence to the price that CHC invoices the customer.


You may not assign or subcontract your rights under this subcontract without CHC’s    consent but CHC may do so without your consent.


If the Driver cannot attend for an agreed duty period due to any reason including but not limited to illness or injury, he/she shall advise CHC at least eight hours before the commencement of duty.

In the event that the Driver fails to comply with this sub-clause, and CHC incurs costs as a result of that failure, CHC shall be entitled to deduct an amount equivalent to those costs from monies owing to the Driver including but not limited to the costs of obtaining a replacement driver.

If a vehicle is in the possession of a driver – the driver must be contactable at all times – usually by mobile phone. Access to the vehicle may be required by CHC to allow another driver to complete transport work on the driver’s downtime. In the event that the driver in uncontactable and CHC cannot access the vehicle, CHC shall be entitled to deduct an amount equivalent to those costs from monies owing to the Driver including but not limited to the costs of obtaining a replacement driver.


Security Deposit/Bond at an amount of $50 plus GST will be deducted from the driver’s weekly payment up to the amount of $1650 plus GST.

This Bond can be used by CHC to pay for amongst other things:

o   Insurance Excess in the event of an accident

o   Abandonment of contract without the required notice period

o   Traffic Infringements

o   Tollway Charges and/or infringements

Bond will be refunded to driver upon amicable completion of relationship and contract. Bond will be repaid to driver in the same way it was deducted – that is at $50 plus gst per week until repaid in full the amount that was deducted.

It is agreed that any Bond deducted from driver will be forfeited if the required notice period of FOUR full weeks is not met.

If notice of at least FOUR weeks is not given, there is no entitlement to receive security deposit refund.

CHC reserves the right to charge a notice penalty of up to $1650 plus GST regardless of the amount of security deposit actually deducted in the event of lack of four week notice period given to CHC.


Drivers must present themselves for work in a clean and well groomed fashion and shall present for duty in business suit which has been authorized by CHC.  Drivers must maintain his/her personal appearance in a neat and tidy manner and must comply with this minimum dress standard or any other standard as advised by CHC from time to time.

Drivers Uniforms to be laundered and maintained by the Driver at the Drivers cost.

Drivers must wear ONLY White or very light coloured shirts. These are the only choices allowable.  If a driver does not comply with this request and wears any other shade such as dark colours – the driver will be required to change into the correct shirt before a shift can be offered to same.


Driver’s services/duties include but are not limited to:

  • Picking up and dropping off passengers
  • Picking up passengers – driving passengers in a safe manner to their destination.
  • Assisting passengers – such as opening and closing of doors, helping passengers in and out the vehicle, carrying luggage to and from the vehicle
  • Wash and keep Vehicle Clean
  • Compile and keep appropriate maintenance records

Drivers must at all times:

Complete all Hire Car Services as directed by CHC and submit all credit card slips, moneys, cash, cabcharge dockets, cheques and drivers worksheets to CHC at the end of each trading business week.

Authorize CHC  to obtain a copy of a Driver’s record from Vic Roads and provide an update of their licence status every six months;

Submit to a medical examination by a medical officer nominated by CHC, as and when CHC so requests;

Comply with all acts,  regulations and laws relating to the registration, insurance and general operation of the Hire Car and  as directed by the Taxi Services Commission.

Ensure that they are in attendance at each appointment on time as per the booking details and to notify CHC if they are running late so that the customer can be contacted and advised.

Ensure that they hold a current and valid driver’s licence and driver’s certificate licence appropriate to the Hire Car Service and for the purpose of providing Hire car  Services;

Wear the CHC identification badge so that it is clearly visible and use CHC name boards provided to pick up customers at the Airport using appropriate white Board marker or new technologies.

Confirm that they are completely responsible for their own mobile phone charges and must ensure that they are contactable on their mobile phones at all times whilst on duty.

Be responsible to keep and maintain the vehicle assigned to him/her in immaculate condition at all times, which includes cleaning and vacuuming between jobs if required. The cars are to be washed with high pressure hoses only and no brushes or bristles are permitted when washing the cars. Each car must be washed and chamoised at the end of each shift In the event that this is not complied with a $30.00 cleaning fee will be deducted from the driver per shift.

Refuel vehicle at end of shift or at handing over vehicle to other driver. If it is found that vehicle was not refueled by driver, the amount paid to refuel the vehicle will be deducted from the drivers invoice on the next pay period.

Submit to CHC original tax invoices for reimbursement – such as petrol tax invoices, airport parking tax invoices, car wash tax invoices, tollway tax invoices and any other tax invoices that may be entitled for reimbursement to driver. CHC will NOT reimburse any costs without the original tax invoice being submitted to the office.

Report all accidents or major delay to CHC nominated manager immediately, and cooperate fully with any police requirements at or subsequent to any accident;

Provide assistance to disabled passengers and their seeing eye dogs as required at all times.

Refrain from using the vehicle for any private or unauthorized purposes – this includes private jobs or other platform booked jobs without the consent or knowledge of CHC.